Sunday, October 08, 2006

Click here for Episode 14 - Yes, we're back!

Welcome to Episode 14

Yes, we're back! After a short break (Six weeks, since 27/8/06)- The break was due to my thoughts on revamping the programme.

Interestingly, a few weeks back we were contacted by BBC World Radio as they wished to feature snippets of this programme as it is one of the few regular Sikh Podcasts available. The other regular one that I know of is the excellent audio provided by Mr G Singh at (also available through itunes).

In addition, in the UK the BBC's The Heaven and Earth Show (a multi-faith TV programme) discussed with me the possibility of making a video documentary on the increase availability in religious podcasting content.

This week, before we launch the new episodes episode - we have a special interim episode dedicated to peace - a selection of inspiring tracks to help us save the world, the children and wish for peace for all.

All previous episode's of Sikhwithin are still online so, if you're new to the Sikhwithin Podcast please check them out, either from clicks available from this site, or directly through itunes.
The previous format of the programme was:
Meanings, History, Stories, Shabad Translations and Inspirational music.

Please Visit us...

Please also visit our Portal at: where you can visit us at Myspace ( and also leave suggestions on our online forum. I have also enabled Googlesense on this site - This means that if you click through to any of the advertisements displayed on postings, I will ensure that any funds / proceeds raised will all go to charity.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Dr Savi

NB Sikhwithin Episode is available immediately from itunes or within 6 hours of this posting via the green arrow shown at the top of the title of this article.

Featured items:

Intro: Snippet from Heal the World - Michael Jackson
Burning ! Jagat Jelendha Rakh La - Dya Singh and Party (Australia)
Ong Sohung (I am aThou, I am Peace) - Snatam Kaur
Save the Children - Gil Scott-Heron
Mad World - Michael Andrews and Gary Jules
Standing Together - George Benson
An evening of Spontaneity with the TTM Ensemble - Part4 - Tribute to Mardana


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