Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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Welcome to Episode 12

We're a bit late this week. Sorry!

In this weeks episode in the meaning section we briefly cover the Sikh Takhats. In addition, we seek to communicate what happens when you visit a Gurdwara, for example: The Ardas, Wak, Kirtan and recieving Karah Parshad.
(Source: Sikh Studies by Dr H.S Singha and Rupinder Kaur)

In the history section we look at the life of Maharaja Duleep Singh.
(Source: Maharaja Duleep Singh - The Last Sovereign Ruler of Punjab.)

The shabad translation section features the shabad - Tu Mera Pita sung by Dya Singh and Party from Australia.

We close the show with inspirational music from Sting (Let your soul be your pilot) and an amazing group called Tribute to Mardana, an international group - with a track called 'A Trip At Dawn'. The latter track has an amazing translation section that starts in approximately the middle of it.

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PS The intro this week is from an amazing track from Huddersfield Youth.


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