Saturday, June 17, 2006

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Sat Sri Akal

Welcome to Episode 8

Yes, we're back and now have all our new equipment fully installed in our new studio.
We really hope you like the 'new' sound.

Episode 8 is available from i-tunes, immediately and from the link above on average 24 hours after the date of this posting.

This week's featured intro is from Johnny Cash's version of One.

Our programme is sectioned into 5 parts:

Part 1:
This week we explore common Sikh words followed by a Shahbad translation.

Part 2:
The Shabad translation this week is from the Shabad: Hum maile tum oojal kartay -
This version was sung by Sonu Nigam from the CD Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam.

Hum mailay tum oojal kartay hum nirgun tu data
Hum moorakh tum chatur siyanay tu sarab kala ka
Madho hum aisay tu aisa,
Hum papi tum pap khandan neeko thakur desa
Tum sabh sajay saj nivajay jeeo pind de prana
Nirgunaray gun nahi koi tum dan deho miharvana.
Tum karuh bhalla hum bhalo na janah tum
sada sada daiyala,
Tum sukhdai purkh bidhatay tum rakhu apanay
Tum nidhan atal sultan jeea junt sabh jachay
Kah Nanak hum ihay havala rakh santan kay

The Shabad is translated as follows:

We are filthy (It means wicked or vicious). You are Immaculate; we are devoid of
merit, You are Beneficent Lord.

We are ignorant, You are intelligent and wise.

You are the master of all arts.

O God! such we are and You are different.
Your abode is beauteous. (Pause)

You are the Creator and the Blesser of all. You have
given us the soul, the body and life.

We are meritless; we have no virtue. Bless us with the
gift of virtue, O Merciful Lord.

You do us goog and we know not Your goodness. You
are ever compassionate.

You are the Creator, the Giver of bliss. Save us as we
are your children.

As our Eternal King, and spiritual treasure. All come
to You in supplication.

Nanak says: As I am, please protect me and so honour
Your saints (It is the quality of God to protect His saints. Guru Nanak invokes God's
blessin on that score).

Source: Hyms from Guru Granth Sahib : Hemkunt Press

Part 3
In the Sikh History section we cover a brief history of Guru Ram Das Ji -
Source: The Sikhs Theie Religious Beliefs and Practices by W. Owen Cole and Piara Singh Sambhi.

Part 4
The story this week is also about Guru Ram Da Ji during the time he became the 4th Guru of the Sikhs.
Source: Stories from Sikh History Book-II : Hemkunt Press

Part 5
Our inspirational music this week if from an artist called Dido. She suggests that really our life is for rent and we need to make the most of it.

As I mentioned in previous Podcasts I was really excited about Snatam Kaur's Peace tour coming to London. We close with a medley of Shabads sung by her. You can see the accompanying videos on a June '06 blog posting.

Thanks for being patient on waiting for Episode 8.
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