Sunday, March 19, 2006

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Sat Sri Akal
Welcome to Episode 3 of Sikhwithin.

Well, it looks like we're currently releasing shows at an average of one every 2 weeks or fornightly as we would say in the UK! The good news is that we now have some virtual tools that should be able to help us develop shows faster. However, I'm keen to not compromise both on quality and reliable sources - in the context of saying humbly that we hope that you enjoy the quality and content of each show.

This week we continue to explore the history of the Sikhs from the 5th to the 10th Guru and present the story of Guru Nanak's visit to Mecca showing us that God is everywhere. We also review the new CD by Balvinder Singh based in Australia and present more inspirational music.

We're grateful to Balvinder Singh for giving us permission to feature snippets from his forthcoming CD.

In terms of references and resourcs for this week's show:

Background tracks:
Waheguru - From Dya SIngh's (Australia) CD
Naam The inner journey
Wahegur Wahe Jio - Fromm Snatam Kaur's CD Prem
(available from ) Be sure to check out her new blog site and main site at: and , respectively.

Inspirational Features:

Love in need of love today (intro) from the CD Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder
Bheyi prapat manukh dehoria ...from the CD Naam the inner journey by Dya Singh (Australia)

The world is burning from the CD Along by Dya Singh (Australia)

The One from the CD Damita Jo by Janet Jackson (a suprising 60 second find!)
CD Reaching for Home by Balvinder Singh see also:
You can also listen to the 3 tracks featured: Reaching for home, Naam and Salvation at:
One by U2 from the CD U2 (The Best of 1990-2000) [Bonus Track]


The research for this podcast this week have been based on:
Biography of Guru Nanak - Hemkunt Press and
A Brief History to Sikhism by Mr G.S Sidhu

How can I listen to Episode 3 ? (Availablity)
If you have i-tunes this show is available right now. Simply select the 'update podcast' feature, or subscribing to our show will facilitate an automatic download next time you enter itunes. In addition if you use itunes and Microsoft Windows XP, you can use the right mouse key (or the left one if you have set up your mouse as a left-handed user) and select the 'update podcast' option.

To listen to the show online, the show is available from most podcast sites, for example : or click on the link below (or the right pointing arrow just under this posting's title bar, above):

Thank you's...
My Thanks to Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa ( for his continued support. As previously mentioned,Thanks to Balvinder Singh and also to you for you to for all of your messages of encouragement and feedback, it is really appreciated.

You can leave suggestions through comments at the blog site or email (you will need to remove the robot protection mask characters from the email address first : i.e: removethisfirst and removethis 2 us at:

Keep in touch, take care and believe in Waheguru.


At 8:04 am, Blogger Ricci said...

Hello Dr. Savi from Brisbane, Australia. I must commend you on an excellent program. I listen dutifully every week to your podcasts on Sikhism. I am a young avid researcher in Sikhism myself and would be keen to provide material which may be of interest to you.

Also, could you tell me who the Mool Mantra in your 1st episode is by in the very introduction.

Well done again.

At 11:59 pm, Blogger Dr Savi Arora said...

Hey! Thanks for all your support. Good to know that listeners are out there!
I just wanted to develop a bridge. The next episode is almost complete.
With regards to the Mool Mantra track from Episode 1, its actually from a Bollywood film (!) called Rang de Basanti (
I did read an article on the first track it can be found at:
The Mool Mantra has been sung by Harsdeep.
Thanks again and we really value you time to listen in and contribute.

At 12:01 am, Blogger Dr Savi Arora said...

Whoops I got her name wrong, its Harshdeep.
For more info see:

At 4:48 am, Blogger Shakti Kaur said...

Sat Nam,

Finally, I have listened to your latest pod cast. Wahe Guru! I was struck by the last piece using U2's "One". I couldn't help but tear up and feel the love of God in that moment. Great surprise with Janet Jackson too. I like the bridging of multiculturalism to bring the listener to the concept and understanding we are all one soul with multiple facets. Have you ever listened to the CD called Vision II, Spirit of Rumi. It's got some great readings of poetry with music that you might like.


At 10:05 pm, Blogger Dr Savi Arora said...

Thanks for your support and feeling the power of music as it floods the soul.
I'll check out the CD suggested.
Yes, the JJ track was a surprise, I was simply browsing through my itunes libary.

Just finished Episode 4.
It now (Sunday night) available on itunes and should be online in the next few hours through the link provided.

Your feedback is really valued.
Thanks very much.
I hope you enjoy the latest podcast. I've now structured it into 5 part.


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