Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Blog site

Hi Everyone.

I thought it best that rather than having a re-direct function, I'd advise you of the location of our New Blog site.

All previous postings are also available at the following - including all the latest shows:


C U all There!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Site, New Tools, New Shows !

We've moved to
This site will still remain for a while for archiving, referencing and indexed feedlinks.
If you are a webmaster, kindly PLEASE update your respective links.


Together with its regular fornightly release.

The next episode is number 15 and will consist of a brand new revamped approach.

The new Sikhwithin Website is also now 'live' -Please redirect all your site pages to the following link:

Big question...

Q: Why did the format change from Episode 15?

A: There was a need to introduced additional interactivity and an audio magazine format (including where possible outside broadcast elements). Therefore, from Episode 15 onwards each show follows the following format:

1. Understanding Sikhism

2. History of the Sikhs

3. Shabad Translations

4. Resource Review - incorporating:

- Book of the month (readings / reviews / recommendations)

- Music Reviews/New Music (inc: the featuring of many up and coming artists)

5. Outside Coverage (if attended) - Bringing you recordings of events.

6. Inspirational thoughts, songs or phrases

With the new website the programme is also now effectively extended with a centralised Portal/blog site and assoicated tools, for example: Forums, links and online players.
You can hear all the previous shows online too.

Q: What about licencing rules for Podcasters?

Good question, it was only Aug/Sept'06 that both the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) and Performance Rights Society (PRS) worked hard to issue the shared Limited Podcasting Exploitation Licence - Known as LPEL. Sikhwithin have paid for this licence. In reality this means that if Sikhwithin features any song writers and performers their copyright and royalitieswill be protected. This is achieved by the terms of the licence. For example, reporting, monitoring and protecting any tracks from the possibiity of being ripped.

It is your show!

Join us by contributing and listening to our blog and weekly podcast.

Q: How are the shows put together? In other words, what does it take to develop a Podcast?

With any quality production it is important to research, accredit, script and perform both pre and post production work.

Sikhwithin always quote resources used and also seek permission for communicating externally media/content.

In terms of items needed, these range from the software skills, computer hosting set-up and investment in good quality recording equipment and editing tools.

Although increasingly today more tools are available to develop podcasts it is important to focus accuracy, frequency and informative content. We hope to follow these aims with an underlying goal to use the content developed to help facilitate peace between all of humanity.

How much does each show cost ? ($£!)

Sikhwithin is delivered as Seva (service).

You can also support us by: clicking on the Google ADSENSE advertisements on the bottom of each page: NB: Revenue generated will go to Charity.

You can also make direct contribution at the new site, this would be really appreciated too.
You can Donate at anytime and any amount by clicking on the 'Please Donate' page tab, shown above.

Please keep Sikhwithin going - It is a way to share the knowledge of Sikhism together.

With Sincere Thanks


Monday, October 23, 2006

Sikhwithin reference now on the BBC World Radio website

Please link on the green arrow above to hear the programme for the following week.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sikhwithin will be featured on BBC World Service Radio over the weekend of 21, 22, 23rd October 2006

Hi Everyone,
I just thought I would mention...

1. Thanks for your continued support.
2. The latest episode, Episode 14 is an interim show before I revamp the show.
3. For a flavour and a quick tour of all past shows, including a recent outside broadcast, Episode 12 will give you a 'run down' with snippets/extracts et al.

Some nice news ...
BBC World Service Radio over the weekend of 21, 22, 23rd October will be featuring extracts from the Sikhwithin Podcast.

It aims to be a documentary on religious podcasters and can be heard in the UK on Sunday 22nd October on Medium Wave 648 KHz at 0730 and 1730 GMT, on digital radio and also internationally on the programme's channel web page from Saturday night onwards:

The link is provided below:

NB By clicking on this link before the scheduled time of the BBC show you will only be able to hear the last show.

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