Monday, January 02, 2006

Introducing the team behind the Sikhwithin Podcast

The sikhwithin podcast is developed by 3 contributers, Dr Savinder Singh, Rohin Singh and Kavleen Kaur. Savinder Singh is our main presenter of our podcast channel. He will be introducing the main content of the show: shabads, stories and translations.

Rohin actually came up with the name: Sikhwithin. He will be at the decks and mixing and playing the Sikh shabads, stories, translations and simran. Rohin will also narrate some sections of the show. Rohin is also working on his own unique simran tracks featuring instruments such as guitar, piano and tabla.

Kavleen Kaur can read and write Punjabi and is currently learning to read Gurmaki. She will also read out translations in English. She will also be presenting the show with Dr Savinder Singh.

As shows progress we hope to have guests come into our studio to share their thoughts.

Only a few days to go before our launch show enters cyberspace !

Thank you -

Just a Thank you to they have kindly agreed to assist in providing some content for our podcast.

I believe that the Sikhnet site is a wonderful source of reference and interaction for Sikhs, including a great online learning environment called Sikhiwiki :

Check them out and learn about our great religion.

Thanks again, Sikhnet for all your support.

Launch countdown...

Preparation is key! Therefore, effort has to go into planning each episode.

We have already developed another podcast channel called Smooth Groovers. It is available both online and through i-tunes. (see and many online podcast stream sites, for example: podcast and podfeed).
One could say that Smoothgroovers was a trial to learning about how to produce professional (we hope) output or content. The lessons learnt included: audio mixing skills, script preparation and ensuring reliable technical processes.

Here's hoping that people will listen, contribute and enjoy !