Monday, May 01, 2006

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Sat Sri Akal.
Welcome to Episode 6

Although we are a day late from releasing our fortnightly programme, we have managed to book some studio time to improve the audio quality of our podcasts. You can listen to all the previous podcasts from the following URL:

Please take a listen and tell us what you think - including any suggestions you may have.

In this week's show we have 4 sections rather than the norrmal 5.

1. Meanings
This week feature more exploration of the meaning of words such as Satnam, Sat Sri Akal and Waheguru with our special guest Sardar Pritam Singh

2. Shahbad Translation
This week's shabad translation is called Suni-ia -listening sung by Snatam Kaur from the CD Shanti. It is available from Amazon or

3. (History - not this week) but 4. A Story Section
In addition, this week have a Guru Nanak story about how a robber Sajjan changed his ways from being a robber to someone who realised that his sins would be a heavy burden on his soul.
The story is actually called Reclaims a dreaded robber.
Ref: Biography of Guru Nanak by Professor Kartar Singh.

5. Inspirational songs
We close with some inspirational music from Stevie Wonder - A time to Love from the CD A time to love - suggesting that we have lots of ism's like racism but we really need to make time to love.

We finish the show with a snippet from a Simon Webbe track called Sanctuary from the CD Sanctuary.

This week's backing Track is:
From Dya Singh (Australia) CD Naam the inner Journey.

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We look forward to your feedback and suggestions.
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Dr Savi


At 10:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr Savi,
I congratulate you on this very informative and spiritual podcast.
I have just listened to episode 3 which
reminds us of some cruel things that happened in the past ( which unfortunately continue today ) and how
the Sikhs opposed them even if it meant losing their own lives. The account if
the Guru's visit to other countries was particularly interesting: how his wise logical words affected those he visited. I enjoyed listening to the part about which way his feet was pointing.
Your podcast is clearly presented with
reverence and professionalism. The music featured is very interesting and
Thank you for taking the time to do this. I look forward to catching up with episodes 4 ,5 and 6.

I am not a Sikh myself but I am interested to learn a bit more about the world's religions and the Sikhwithin Podcast is a great way to to
Thank you.

-an enlightened listener.


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