Sunday, April 02, 2006

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Sat Sri Akal
Welcome to Episode 4

Its now looking like we have a couple of weeks between each episode. We'll try to make more time to get quality time in our studio.

This week we explore the history of the Sikhs at the time of Baba Banda Singh we also present the story of when a missionary from Rome came to visit India. At the time he met Guru Har Rai.

We also introduce a new section called meanings where we look explore general areas of Sikhism.

Each episode is now structured into 5 parts:

Part 1: Meanings - this week we are joined by Kavleen Kaur and together we explore the 5 K's.

Part 2: Comprised of a Shabad with translations - thanks to Kavleen we translate the Shabad Mel mere Pritma Jio sung by Dya Singh from the CD Pr'Desa-The Lonely Soul - Translated from a fantastic resource called Sikhi-to-the-max.

Part 3: We touch on a vital part of Sikh History - The story of Baba Banda Singh

Part 4: A Sikh Story - The story is called A visitor from Rome - when a missionary met Guru Har Rai. From the book In the Guru's Footsteps by G.S Sidhu, G.S Sivia and Kirpal Singh.

Part 5: Some inspirational songs (see below)

This weeks featured background tracks are:
Intro - Bulla Ki Jana by Rabbi Shergill (Just the opening bars)
Background Simran - Waheguru performed by Dya Singh from the CD Naam - The inner journey

Featured Tracks
Golden Temple of Amirtsar by The Peace Family featuring Snatam Kaur from the CD Carry us home (just a snippet).
(The CD is available from
One World by Lionel Richie from the CD Just for you.
Life for Rent by Dido from the CD Life for Rent

My Thanks to:
Kavleen Kaur
All your messages of support.


Believe in Waheguru.

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